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OPTIMEXPORT by TEVEA International
"The world is next door"

OPTIMEXPORT is an European Consultancy and Technical Assistance Company. Click!

Its objectives are:

To help SMEs develop their presence in international markets while giving them the opportunity to focus on their commercial activities and at the same time reducing their operational costs.

Its main services are:

opening up new markets, with OPTIMEXPORT "First success Abroad" : its organize one week of business appointments abroad (85 countries available) to find new customers, partners or suppliers (in 90% of cases, the SME win business): Example : find distributors in USA or find suppliers in China,
searching for commercial agents (85 countries available) or sales managers,
providing commercial and financial information on enterprises (91 countries available),
the recuperation of foreign VAT incurred on business expenses abroad (average 20% savings),
collection of payments,
administrative management of companies... provides a global international trade and service information platform for SMEs, and offers:

12,000 pages of free information about foreign markets covering over 85 countries worldwide,
a personalised business intelligence service with alert to keep each SME updated on trade opportunities and regulations around the world,
a team of specialists at the disposal of each SME,
concrete answers to questions in a very short time with more than 55 concrete services to facilitate export.

With its prestigious shareholders, the European savings banks (German, French, Spanish, Italian), the European Savings Banks Group, the World Savings Banks Institute, OPTIMEXPORT has not only been guaranteeing an overall security to its clients and partners for 23 years, but through its intermediaries has also been offering banking services (a banking network covering the whole of Europe (870 banks, 84,000 agencies, 971,000 employees).



Founded in 1991 as an EEIG, EURO DEFI is the major European network bringing together lawyers, accountants, auditors, independent consultants and independent chartered accountants.

Numbering over 300 member firms and 4,000 individuals across Europe, EURO DEFI's central attractions reside in the multi-disciplinary capabilities of its members, their values of independence and quality of service, their proximity to clients, and on the strength of their European coverage, providing access to a range of different markets.

Cross-border clients have access to a knowledge base and international expertise which spans several areas of activity, several markets and several areas of professional expertise, helping clients develop their business activities.

Members are more than just a name in an address book. They develop long-term, strong relationships deepened by regular contact, with regional and international conferences and technical and strategic debates at working groups.

Specialist groups have been set up on subjects such as franchising, recovery of cross-border debts, international mergers and acquisitions.

Communication between members is ensured by an open intranet on the site and through regular information bulletins.


European Strategy & Information

EuroSI is an association under French law regrouping several experts in business and strategic intelligence and lobbying.

EuroSI’s principle services for SMEs:

economic, technical and juridical market survey
strategic analysis
strategic consultancy
European and national lobbying
organisation of meetings and events



EUROLAW is an association of independent law firms of European and international business lawyers specialised in business law.

Founded in 1992, its aim is to create and develop co-operative links on a European and international scale between member firms, fostering a network characterized by its unity and facilitating internal communication between members and external communication with clients.

EUROLAW member firms can offer their clients immediate access to a legal and judicial network operating throughout Europe.

The network's legal form is the European Economic Interest Grouping.